Windows 7 Product Key Download For Lifetime Activation

By | July 31, 2017

Windows 7 Product Key

Windows 7 Product Key is very important for Windows 7 operating system. You must activate your Windows operating system if you want to use. Without activation, you can use it but you will face some critical problems. So, you must it. It is very important that how to get a Windows 7 product key. When you will purchase Windows from Microsoft, you will get this Windows 7 Key but here we are providing this key as free for everyone.

About Windows 7 Operating System

Windows 7 is a personal computer operating system which is developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It was released on October 22, 2009. Microsoft released Windows 7 within the release of only 3 years of its predecessor, Windows Vista. Within a few days of the release of Windows 7, it achieved popularity all over the world. Moreover, Windows 7 is considered the most used and the most popular version of the Microsoft Windows till date.

Although, it is not the latest version of the Windows. Microsoft Corporation has released Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 respectively on October 26, 2012, October 17, 2013, and on September 30, 2014. Unfortunately, none of them got more popularity than the Windows 7 operating system. However, there are six different editions of Windows 7. Those are Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Starter, Home Basic and Enterprise.

What is a Windows 7 Product Key?

The answer is quite simple. A Windows 7 Product key is an authentic number which is required activating a copy of Windows 7. In another word, the main job of a Windows 7 product key is to activate a copy of Windows 7 and ensure the full version. Basically, Windows 7 Product Key is a distinctive 25-digit alphanumeric combination. It’s always authentic. As a result, you generally need an appropriate Product key to activate a copy of Windows 7.

If you don’t use Windows key, you will see many problems. whenever you launch the Control Panel you will find a notice that “Your Windows version is not genuine.”  Also, Windows 7 stops receiving any system updates after the trial period is over until you activate it. That’s not all. Finally, Windows automatically turns your background image black, no matter how many times you change it to your preference. This behavior continues until the successful activation.

What happens if I don’t activate Windows 7?

“What happens if I don’t activate my copy of Windows 7”  “Why should I activate my copy of Windows 7” these questions are very common but most of the Windows users don’t know the answer clearly. Well, here is the answer. Microsoft Corporation follows different ways to notify the users activating the Windows. Based on the version of the Windows, the way of the activation notifications varies. Let us talk about what happens in Window 7.

In Windows 7, you generally get 30 days of trial period. And after the trial period is over, Windows automatically starts notifying you time to time to activate the system in different ways.  The very first time it asks for the activation is the time of installation of the Windows. Suppose, you did not activate your copy of Windows 7 during installation or even after that, it means you are using a trial copy of Windows with the time limitation. In the meantime, it will keep notifying you time to time to activate the Windows in different ways.

“Activate Windows Online Now” is the message you will see in the system tray if you don’t activate it during installation. If you still don’t activate it now, you will get the message “Activate Now” every day from the day 4 to day 27. From the 27 to 30, you get the message “Activate Now” in every four hours until you activate the Windows. You better activate the Windows by the time. If you don’t, after 30 days, you will get the “Activate Now” message every hour.

Windows 7 Product Key

Is Windows 7 Product Key available for free?

Yes, it is free here. Generally, Windows 7 key does not come for free. As a paid operating system, a product key is given with a purchased copy of Windows 7. But the good news is that we somehow managed to provide some 100% working Windows 7 product keys here. Select one product key or use kmspico activator from below and activate your copy of Windows 7 and enjoy the full version for free.

Download: Mirror Link

How to activate Windows 7 with the given product key?

There are some different ways to activate Windows 7 using a product key. The most common and the easiest one is shown below. Follow the simple instruction and activate your copy of Windows 7.

  • Right click on My computer and select Properties.
  • From the system properties, click Activate Windows. Now, it ill asks for an active Internet connection.
  • Make sure your computer is connected with the Internet. Then it will show a dialog box. Select Activate windows online.
  • Enter the Windows 7 Product Key we have provided here and click next. Done!

Final Words

Windows 7 is the most used operating system Microsoft has ever released. The main reason is its user-friendly interface and other fantastic features. But everyone cannot afford to purchase a copy and that’s the only reason we provide the free product key. Use this Windows 7 product key to activate your copy of Windows 7 and enjoy the full version permanently. We hope everything works fine for you.

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